Personality Profiling

What is Personality Profiling?

Personality Profiling is an invaluable tool, not just for assisting in selection and recruitment processes where appropriate to do so, but also in the understanding and development of an organizations greatest asset - its people.

Personality profiling not only assists in ensuring, as far as possible, a good organizational fit and good job fit but also helps organizations to develop training protocols and schemes that prevent the organization from becoming static or adopting a myopic view of the workplace/its workforce.

How Do They Work?

Personality profiling employs specific psychometric assessments to assist organizations to identify the natural temperament, communications style, inter–personal dynamics and execution or management preferences of any individual. By doing so it helps organizations to place candidates so as to increase productivity or to help with change-management.

Personality profiling also helps organizatios to assess team dynamics and increase the efficiency of any team's contribution, as well as assisting the organization to identify and understand team conflict and resolve inter–personal conflict by increasing understanding within the team.

Personnel and Management Develpment

Raven Consultancies uses personality profiling to helps individuals develop a greater understanding of themselves and to identify areas of personality and preference that can be problematic in a fixed role - helping individuals to implement change by developing areas of personality that can potentially cause conflict in the workplace.

Personality profiling can be an invaluable tool for individual personal development or career development. We help organizations to utilize this tool for gaining insights into the people that work for them – thus helping to develop individuals and assist with team-building, communication, management of personnel and conflict resolution.