Megan P, Leeds

Depression and self–love are two things that for me go hand in hand. My "Black Dog" had clouded both my judgment of life and most importantly myself. I felt I no longer had a purpose to be here. My first session was REALLY tiring, no previous therapist had ever made me re–live the bullying I had experienced the way that Tony did and that's what I really loved about our sessions.

Tony was easy to talk to and he allowed me to talk confidently and in depth, which eventually brought out my past and myself. Over the course of six months I learnt so much about myself and I can now honestly say, I am pretty great. Tony is the most professional, understanding, honest and direct man I have ever met. He will never give you a version you want to hear (usually the exact opposite).

Tony gets it, his understanding is what makes him so powerful throughout what was, for me, a healing process. I admire his honesty. Describing a dark experience to him, Tony smiled and told me that "from sh&t grows roses", I will always live by that reality. Eventually I understood; nothing in life is perfect and life is a journey but sometimes we need a little help along the way. I am eternally grateful to have a Tony Mann in my life, he is there for me, whatever the hour. He is my forever angel.

Jill G, Derbyshire

When I first went to see Tony, I was at my lowest ebb and with three (serious) attempts at suicide under my belt, I couldn't believe that things would ever get better or that there was any hope for me. I remember my first consultation well, on recommendation from a friend who had previously worked with Tony, I went through more out of a sense of desperation than anything else. I didn't know what to expect or hold out much hope.

Wow, what a turnaround, and just after one session. Tony doesn't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear, which was sometimes frustrating for me but was exactly what I needed. All these years later I still find myself using many of the ‘Tony–isms’ I stole from him and even now when things feel tough, I find myself saying "Come on, Application, not Contemplation!".

If I am absolutely honest, there was only one weakness in terms of working with Tony and that was me. His understanding, empathy and patience were staggering and when I felt so low and helpless, Tony was the only person who believed in ME and continuously held hope and belief out for me to grasp, now I hold it for myself. It is hard to understand how anyone can contemplate taking their own life unless you have been there yourself but Tony understood completely. Whereas I was consumed by hopelessness and surrounded by darkness, Tony was a real beacon of light.

My desire to stop living was gradually replaced by a desire to live once more. I began to smile at his sarcastic (but gentle) observations of me, I then found myself laughing with him and even telling him about the funny things I had experienced since my last session with him. He held my hand (metaphorically) and even carried me when I needed it. I am eternally grateful to him for the support and encouragement he showed me. I am honoured to write this testimonial for him.

LC, Knaresborough.

Tony helped me to acquire a sense of perspective about the issues I was facing. In the midst of a crisis it's hard to see objectively and even harder to admit any culpability when things appear to be happening "to" you. Tony helped me to see that I was unintentionally empowering my husband to continue his negative behavioural patterns towards me.

What I regarded as soothing and calming was just giving the signal that this behaviour was acceptable. I was able to change my approach, articulate my reasons for doing so and consequently improve the responses I experienced. Tony is exceptionally knowledgeable and trained in many different modalities, so in my experience whatever the issue he always provided expert guidance.

Tony helped me understand how to assess my own thought processes and see where I was a part of the problem, he gave me the tools to deal with many issues myself going forward. I particularly appreciated his work ethic. Session duration was based on MY needs but the cost remained the same. Tony doesn't block–book but empowers you by teaching you to assess your own needs and to follow up as you need, which also results in greater self-determination. True EMPOWERMENT!

Steve W, London

I approached Tony at age 30 due to a bad period of depression and a lack of direction in my life. Work and a failing relationship were just some of the issues I faced. My first session was very interesting and not what I expected. Tony didn't just sit and nod patronizingly, he was enthusiastic, energized and bluntly honest, challenging me within the first five minutes of the session, which is exactly what I needed.

I am a strong character but was wrapped up in my own drama and needed someone to help me extract the bits that really mattered and get rid of the BS that existed. I had previously seen other therapists but Tony was very different. I was very impressed by his personal experiences, which he shared with me, this helped me to bond with Tony quickly creating trust between us.

Tony's a tough character but, despite this, he was very comforting and I knew he really understood me, there was buckets of empathy and humility for what I was experiencing. Being gay has been a problem for me, suffering from internalised homophobia, talking about this was difficult for me. Tony's professional none–judgemental approach put me at ease allowing me to open–up about my sexual problems and drug use. He always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I learnt quickly that Tony has had a very colourful existence, which helped with his approach towards equality and fairness.

Tony empowered me, helped me manage my emotions and my impact on others. Self–awareness grew quickly, which is something that I have held on to by the bucket load. Being able to work through my past has prepared me for my challenging life, which I am now moving forward. His psychometric work has helped me gain a greater understanding of myself and helped me map out my future career and start my new business, I now run a successful London–based fitness company.

I am very proud of who I am and Tony has helped me achieve this. It may sound very clich'e but without Tony I wouldn't be the successful, confident and happy person I am now. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me, I'm forever grateful to him.