Your Baby?

It is really important that the site you want is the site that you get. With this in mind, this requires that you work in partnership with us and this, in turn, means that you will have to do some of the ground work to ensure that this is achievable.

To help us create the site that you want and to help keep overall costs down, we ask that you do some of the provisional work and also check that things are as they should be along the way

How it works in brief

In essence, we first discuss your needs over the phone or internet. You then do the initial groundwork, which includes such things as basic layout schematics for how you want the site to look, narrative text that you want to include and think about such things as colour schemes and what images you may want to include in the site.

We then have our first proper brief, where we go through your ideas and give feedback to you. We then start developing the site and once it is ready to do so, we upload the site to an online test environment for you to browse and give ongoing feedback to us.

When you are happy with the final product, we help arrange domain registration and professional hosting that suits your needs, we validate the coding with W3C then optimize, upload and activate the site. Once live, we then register the site with all of the major search engine providers on your behalf.

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