How much does it cost?

The cost of any website is dictated by the nature of the design itself - For example; a standard XHTML site with a CSS style sheets will cost less than a site that contains Flash animation. The following is a list of prices for a basic XHTML site with CSS style sheets:

  • First Page: £175. This includes the first XHTML page, together with the first CSS style sheet.

  • Extra Pages: £50. Pages that have altered content but which require no additional CSS styling as the basic layout remains the same as the first page.

  • Extended Styling: £75. This is for an extra page where extended CSS coding is required for the first CSS style sheet to control specific content or slightly modified layout dynamics.

  • Extra CSS Pages: £100. This is for an extra page where an additional CSS style sheet is required as the layout for the page is fundamentally different to the initial pages within the site.

  • Graphical Work: £37.50. This is the standard hourly rate charged for any form of graphical work.

On this basis and, for the purpose of estimation, this site would have cost no more than £425 to fully create. This would have including all graphical work, optimization, uploading, activation and search engine registration.

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