How much does it cost?

Below is a description of the whole process, from start to finish:

  • First Contact: This is where we discuss your needs over the phone and give some instructions and guidance to you.

  • Homework: This is where you develop your own schematics, think about the use of images and develop your narrative for each page.

  • Initial Brief: This is where we get together and discuss your ideas, check your schemativcs and ascertain what graphical work we need to do for you.

  • Initial Construct: This is where we begin coding the pages and the CSS that controls the site's layout.

  • Bench Testing: When ready, we upload the pages to an online test environment so that you can view them and give us feedback so that we can continue developing the pages to your satisfaction.

  • Domain Name: When the site is ready, we help you to organize such things as domain name registration and to select the hosting package that's right for you.

  • Site Optimization: Prior to uploading the site and it going live, we fully optimize the site and get W3C validation for all of the coding.

  • Going Live: The site is then uploaded and activated - you are now online.

  • Administration: From this point on the site is yours to maintain - site administration contracts are available, should you wish us to maintain the site on your behalf.

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