Cognitive Based Design

What is Cognitive Based Design?

Cognitive Based Design stems from two specialist areas of Psychology; Social Constructionism and Neuro Psychology. It can be applied to anything from the creation of a flyer magazine advertisement through the use of Discursive Analysis and the selection of the correct Power Words to be used, to the choice of what colours to use on a webpage designed to grab the attention of visitors to the site.

It might involve advice given regarding the interaction between images and text and how to maximize visual impact to applied ergonomics and spatial design for the layout of a showroom, sales area or office space.

Cognitive and Neuro Psychology

Like it or not, consumers brains are changing all the time, what worked ten years ago probably doesn't work now, or at least not as well. Millenials, Generation Z and Generation Alphs consumers behave differently, their cognitive functions of Perception, Attention and Interpretation are somewhat different to one another. These differences need to be reflected in how an organization presents itself and attempts to communicate with its customers.

Younger consumers visually process images and text differently to consumers in their twenties or thirties and there are other gender– based differences that need to be considered too. Grabbing and holding the attention of someone in their thirties or forties is different to that of a younger consumer and if you don't understand how to do this then you do so at your peril.

Psychologists can help an organization in ensuring that tsuch things as presentation material and marketing strategies are designed in a way that impacts on consumers, irrespective of their age or gender.