Donya B, Founder of "Beauty Beloved"

Seeing Tony Mann has played such a big part in my e–commerce beauty business, from the initial start–up idea, all the way through to running my business. I had previously worked as a makeup artist, but was looking to start a business that could generate more profit, Tony helped me clarify what I wanted and define the idea of selling make up and beauty products online.

Tony's advice was invaluable, his input on web design and branding for the site was exactly what I needed and his expertise in consumer behaviour was invaluable. Tony understands how the human mind works but more importantly, the mind of the consumer. He even advised me on what design software to purchase so that I could do my own graphics work and keep costs down, and helped me master these skills by creating a series of easy–to–follow video tutorials.

Tony's continued advice and support has enabled me to grow the business to where it is now. I know my business would be nowhere near as great as it is today without his input, knowledge and continued help. I value his contribution to the business and the relationship we have together and I will continue to use his services as my brand grows and grows.

Peter B, Department Manager IBM UK Ltd

When I first contacted Tony I was a Department Manager responsible for several teams of employees numbering 30 or more and I wanted some general advice on training services. After just a couple of minutes on the phone with him I knew he was what I was looking for, knowlegeable, crafty (in a good sense) abstract and immensely qualified.

When Tony arrived for his first day of training with us he immediately set everyone at ease and it was amazing to see how ALL of the team members began interacting with one another, it was as if he had sprinkled "Talkie Dust" around the room. I found his method of delivery to be fantastic, full of energy and packed with relevant information.

Tony delivered several modules on Question Based Selling and the Spin Selling Model, which everyone found both useful and fun. There has been a noticeable increase in sales performance since his training with us and a large proportion of this I consder to be a direct result of the training we underwent with him. I found Tony to be extremely professional, approachable and supportive throughout his time working with our company and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Nigel T, CEO of "Kiroco Technology"

I began working with Tony in 1998, initially to deal with the stress of running a successful business and to help me work through some of the complex personal issues I was having to deal with, I am still here and so is the business so he must have done something right. I have continued to use his services since then and we have now forged a great working relationship and friendship.

Tony has incredible knowledge and skill when it comes to business development and his expertise in Consumer Behaviour is second to none. His company motto "Forsight Through Insight" is certainly apt. He explained the commercial economies that existed and predicted an economic crash, three years later we had one. He forecast a swing from "Cheap" to "Ethical and Environmental" issues, two years on the news is full of such stories.

More recently, Tony advised me that my new technology company needed to define my products and services with an emphasis on the "Experiential", Sure enough, this is what the media are now telling us that 80% of Millenials are looking for most, he got it absolutely right, which is exactly what I need from a business advisor and mentor.

Anneke Borgesson, CEO of "Positive Parenting"

When I first set up my company I was full of beans and full of ideas and was determined to make a success of it. Looking back on things now I realize that I lacked some of the basic tools for achieving these goals, despite what I thought back then. Long hours and work pressures, especially my desire to succeed eventually began to take their toll and I was becoming incredibly stressed.

I initially approached Tony for help with dealing with my stress but our time working together soon showed me that I needed help in other areas of my life too. I had recently had a child and was also finding it hard being a good mom to my son, Tony helped me to quickly understand that I was juggling too many balls with little training to enable me to do so efficiently.

Tony has an incredible understanding of business development but he also has an immense knowledge of what young children need, more than this, he understands how difficult is can be to bring up a child and run a business at the same time. Tony taught me to separate things out, to gain a better work–life balance and become a much better mother to my child. I can't thank him enough for the ongoing help and support he gives me.