Tony's History and Development

Tony began his career in the Armed Forces where he served for sixteen years, finishing his term as a senior instructor for the Army. A typical ADHD sufferer, Tony easily got bored and was always seeking excitement and something new to do. He became a military instructor and completed Close Observation Patrolling and three Bomb Disposal tours in Northern Ireland. He was Sniper and Long&ndsh;Range Reconnaisance trained.

During his military career he served a total of eleven years with Special Forces, including working with the Intelligence and Security Serviceses as an undercover field operative and service with the 22nd Special Air Service Regiment. He has extensive experience in active theatres of operation and has been both mentioned in despatches and decorated for his service.

With extensive experience in Close Protection Group (CPG) for high–profile officials and dignitaries both from home and around the world, he was the assigned planner and liason officer for ground security for the visit of HRH Princess Anne, the Princess Royal to Caterick Garrison in 1986.

His career culminated as a senior instructor for Special Forces as a member of the Joint Services Interrogation Wing (JSIW), where he taught officers and soldiers from police and armed forces around the world, teaching such subjects as Explosives, Advanced First Aid (Paramedic UK Level), Survival, Navigation, Nuclear Biological and Chemical Warfare, Advanced Weapons Training, Tactics, Method of Entry, Surveillance and Counter–Surveillance, Close-Protection Techniques, Survival – Escape and Evasion and Resistance to Interrogation.

During his military service Tony qualified in Advanced Methods of Instruction and was responsible for training Instructors and Trainers from a broad cross–section of specialised fields. He made history when he procured a posting as the first non-infantryman to be posted as a tactics instructor to the Officer Training College at the Military Academy at Sandhurst.