Marital & Relationship Guidance


Whatever the stresses and strains on your relationship or how bad you believe your relationship is, relationship guidance can often offer a way forward. Therapists aren't there to make judgements about the rights or wrongs of relationship difficulties. Their role is to listen, to encourage you to talk openly about your concerns, and help you reach your own decisions about the best way forward.

That said, good and healthy relationships exist because of some basic ingredients that enable any relationship to flourish. Such things as Respect, Consideration, Communication, Equity, Tolerance and Compromise are vital ingredients, without which any relationship will suffer and, over time, result in the relationship becoming irrepairably damaged.

When these important aspects of a relationship are missing or overbearance and autocracy is present, relationships can become abusive in nature. Most individuals that live with a partner are often shocked at what is considered to be Domestic Abuse in the eyes of the law and are equally shocked to discover that they are commiting a crime by behaving in a particular manner towards their partner, whether this in a marriage or a civil relationship.

Who is this service aimed at?

Relationship guidance is open to all. Whether you are married, living together, in a same–sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our confidential service can help you to deal with your relationship difficulties.

This service doesn't just apply to adults who are in a relationship but also extends to any relationship, whether this relates to issues between a parent and a child or adolescent or between siblings.

Big changes in a family can cause stress for everyone, long running disputes can cause pain to the whole family, and the problems one person might be going through in their life (often at work) can affect their relationships with others.

Sexual Relationship Guidance

Sexual problems can have a devastating effect on even the strongest of relationships. It's often hard to face up to difficulties and seek help. We are experienced in helping people deal with a range of sexual problems including impotence, premature ejaculation and loss of sexual desire.

Many people find it difficult or embarrassing to share their sexual concerns. We know this and will quickly put you at ease. We will help you explore the reasons behind the problem and look at ways of addressing it. We will give you simple exercises to be carried out in the privacy of your own home.