Marketing and Sales

Why Employ a Psychologist for Marketing Purposes?

In a massively competitive business landscape, business marketing can be a real struggle for any organization, especially for start–up companies. Effective marketing can be complex, confusing and expensive, even when you have a fairly large marketing budget it can be hard to know what the best-value techniques are to grow your database, increase your exposure and translate marketing strategies into increased revenue. So much of marketing can be trial and error.

There re many brilliant marketing companies out there but, there are also many that are not fit for purpose and they all cost a lot of money, it is therefore imperitive to ensure you get a good return on any investment you make. It is also important to understand that other than understanding gleaned from experience, everything that marketeers learn when studying the subject of marketing stems from Psychologists in the first instance.

There's More To Marketing Than Meets The Eye?

Many marketeers fall foul of the marketing vibe, they become sucked in to nothing other than the creative process itself, coming up with great ideas that sound or look great but are actually ineffective in terms of how they impact on the psychology of the consumer they are targeting.

At the end of the day, marketing is about ethically exploiting and manipulating the mind of the consumer. It is evident to any psychologist that many current marketing ideas simply fail to exploit how the consumer thinks, feels or acts.

Tasty colours and catchy quips are all well and good but to be really effective in marketing, especially digital marketing through a miriad of social media platforms, you need to understand how the human mind works and be up to speed regarding changes in brain development and chemistry, as well as possessing a sound understanding of cognitive processes such as perception, attention, interpretation and linguistics.

If you can't speak the language of the consumer then what is the point of spending vast amounts of money communicating with them in the first place? At the end of the day, marketing is a process of communication and, to use an old NLP adage; "Your communication is only as good as the response you get."

If you want to test why you should employ a Psychologist for marketing purposes, simply ask any marketing company to explain what an "Internal Lexicon" is or how many Lexicons the human mind possesses and see what answer you get.