Mediation and In–House Counselling

Why The Need?

As legislation regarding stress in the workplace changes and the number of claims against employers by staff members increases year after year, organizations are being placed under greater pressure to provide some form of counselling service for their employees. In 2018 alone, £6.7bn was lost to business due to absenteeism stemming from stress and emotional upset alone.

The bottom–line is that it makes economic sense to provide such services to your staff. Furthermore, forward–thinking employers recognise the benefits that can be gained by offering employee access to in–house therapeutic provision thus reducing stress related absence and claims against their organizations. Benefits can result in an increase in employee loyalty, motivation and productivity.

When you add to this the fact that in 2018 an additional £1.7bn was lost to UK businesses as a result of disputes within the workplace and the cost of attending a tribunal to defend a claim made by an emloyer currenty stands at around £8,500 – 9,500 per case.

So What is Involved?

Individuals who feel that an employer has their physical, psychological and emotional well–being at heart not only feel a greater sense of belonging and care, but also develop greater resilience to stress related issues.

Raven Consultancies specialise in Clinical as well as Occupational Psychology and provide a counselling service that encompasses a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including Counselling, Psychotherapeutic (Gestalt & Transactional Analysis, Jungian & Freudian), Cognitive Psychological (CBT & RET), NLP and Clinical Hypnosis.

We match the client, the issue and the therapeutic model to maximize the effectiveness of therapy, ensuring as far as is possible that issues are clearly identified and a resolution found in the shortest possible period of time. Consultations are strictly confidential and can be carried out in–house or independently at our own off–site clinic.

Mediation Services

Mediation is a process of conflict resolution, whereby the mediator intervenes in the dispute with the authorization of both parties before any dispute progresses to a tribunal. Mediators both acknowledge and value the self–determination of both parties in the dispute, recognizing the participants needs, cultural differences and variations in personality and style.

Raven Consultancies assists both parties to define and clarify their issues and subjective perspectives, to reduce obstacles to communication, explore possible solutions and where appropriate to reach a mutually acceptable compromise.

Through mediation, we provide the opportunity to express differences and improve relationships and understanding, whether or not an agreement is reached between parties. We ensure impartiality and the reduction of any conflict of interest, often not achievable through in–house resolutions resulting from HR protocols.