Interview And Presentation Management

Why is Interview and Presentation Management Training so important?

It is worth remembering that an interview isn't purely about getting your next job, it can also be about your next promotion, your nest challenge or your next financial bonus.

Interviews are something that anyone in employment or just starting out in their career will be involved with. Unfortunately, interviews are often a complex process and fraught with pitfalls. Understanding the full dynamics of an interview and how tp prepare well gives you an edge over your competitors.

So What is Involved?

Understanding the basics is a start, such things as a well constructed CV and the importance of pre–interview research are important starting–block. However, there is also a lot to learn about what is actually going on during the interview. Such things as Psychological Observation (Psych Obs) and how to engage those interviewing you are equally as important.

Leaning key skills such as Non–Verbal Communication, Eye Accessing Cues, Mirroring and Pacing will stand you in good stead once you are in the interview room.

Presentation management also plays a part, not just how you look but how you act makes the difference between you succeeding in getting the job you have applied for. Research proves that good interview preparation and learning key interview skills dramatically increases your potention for success.