QBS and Spin Selling

What is QBS?

Question Based Selling (QBS) is a common sense approach to selling, based upon research carried out over many years into how the world's best sales people sell their products. This research shows that a specific style of questioning is the key to effective sales.

All purchases are based upon a customer's needs, sometimes these are needs that the customer themselves doesn't even know they have. QBS is a technique that enables you to elicit information that helps you profile your customer, establish credibility and confidence, identify and develop your customer's needs, and link these needs to your products.

In essence, as a sales technique, QBS is about "Selling" not "Telling". Research has shown that most sales people spend more time telling a customer about a product or service than actually linking these to the customer's needs QBS elicits key information that helpss the customer understand their individual needs whilst identifying which specific product or service (or both) best meets those needs.

What is Spin Selling?

Spin Selling is an effective QBS approach to selling consistently used by the top 10% of sales people. Research has shown that most sales people dominate conversation with a customer. On average, the sales person will control approximately 65% of the dialogue – this means that they are not allowing the customer to communicate properly and they are not accurately identifying the customer's true needs.

Sponsored by Rank Xerox, the SPIN model of selling was developed from research carried out by the ‘Huthwaite’ Institute in 1996, where over 35,000 sales consultants were observed and questioned regarding their sales strategies and techniques. This is the largest study into sales to date.

Spin Selling does nt employ rehearsed sales narratives that are used by 75% of most average sales people but, instead incorporates the many techniques consistently found to be employed by the top sales people in the world. By doing so it mirrors the effective conversion of enquiry to sale found amongst the sales elite.