Job or Task Analysis

What is Job or Task Analysis?

Job or Task Analysis (now collectively known as Task Analysis) has traditionally been regarded as one of the primary building blocks of any organization. It can reveal a blueprint for how an organization works, identifying different jobs or tasks and how they fit together. It can also give insights into how a particular job or task is carried out or how it may be improved.

Task Analysis is also a vital tool for gathering information that can be used to develop more robust selection systems and for ensuring that the content of any selection process is valid and equitable, thereby ensuring that the organization recruits from the most suitable candidates and eliminates selector bias. It also helps to identify developmental and training schemes and in the construction of career or promotional frameworks.


Task Analysis can be used as part of a broader problem-solving and streamlining process, in that it can help to identify areas of tasking deficiency in an organization and help to create new roles that reduce overall expenditure whilst increasing efficiency, productivity and therefore the overall profitability of the organization.

The Right Person for the Right Job

Task Analysis contributes largely to the construction or choice of psychometric assessments that form part of a selection process as they help to identify the specific cognitive or physical skills levels or psychological attitudes that are required for a task to be completed smoothly and efficiently.