Team Building

Why is Team Building so important?

Teams are one of the most impoirtant aspects of successful organizations, irrespective of its size. Teams are the thing that takes the organizations mission and goals and translates them into realization. At the end of the day, it is the team(s) that deliver on the vision of the CEO and management. For this reason it is vital that individuals selected to form part of any team are selected with a high degree of foresight and intelligence.

The act of placing an individual within a team does not automatically make that individual a "Team Player." Team spirit is the primary driving force within organizations for effective goal attainment and improved productivity and morale.

When individuals feel a sense of place there is greater organizational fit, morale improves and productivity increases. Every good manager understands this and yet in some organizations little is done to improve team spirit.

So What is Involved?

Raven Consultancies can help organizations clearly define team roles and unified goals, helping to develop a deeper sense of both place and purpose for individuals working on teams that often comprise a diverse range of personality types. We help to deepen an understanding of how personality and temperament can result in a wide range of approaches to such things as task–completion, problem–solving and leadership, each approach being valid and useful.

Through developing an understanding of the qualities possessed by different individuals, we help organizations to improve such things as task allocation, delegation of responsibility, quantitative and qualitative aspects of productivity, thereby maximizing the potential of each individual that make up a team and increasing team cohesion and cooperation.

We also assist organizations in assessing individuals within teams in order to develop leadership qualities, to become more self–determining, more highly motivated and to take the initiative, thus relieving the burden on managers and existing team leaders.